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Expert driven marketing strategies and campaigns to boost reach,

increase conversion, and lift ROI to the next level.


Encompasses everything from email marketing, PPC, and social to content outreach. High conversion with a guaranteed cost and volume. connect with a new audience and develop quality content marketing campaigna from blogger outreach to infographics and press releases.


Tap into the viral potential of your content. Benefit from the social media giants with relevant content and results driven ad campaigns. Google certified PPC agency which can improve your ROI and conversion rate.

How can we increase your sales leads


We make new customer acquisition by generating qualified pre-scheduled sales appointments for your sales teams, creating demand campaigns for your new or existing products and services, producing brand switch campaigns that migrate business from a competitive company, to yours. Delivering inbound sales leads via digital campaigns, direct marketing and other channel strategies Creating pre-and- post trade show campaigns to maximize return on your trade show investment and better engage your sales prospect Driving enrollment in your webinars, events and contests. Producing customer win-back campaigns and promotions that rebuild lost business or bring back lapsed customers, Generating customer-upsell campaigns that increase depth of billing and customer stickiness, Creating demand campaigns for your new products and services, Driving enrolment in your webinars, events and contests, Campaign planning and execution – including offer development, creative production and sales lead generation, Sales force alignment to campaigns, Analysis of existing data to determine win-back & growth strategy and tactics, Sales training on new customer acquisition selling skills and strategies, Sales value proposition development and value proposition refinement, Sales call sequencing and sales process mapping, Lead funnel management, Sales analytics and reporting



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Brinok Launches CASL Compliance Program

# Lead generation company is using different social media portels.

Rethink what your business can do

We are make canon Compliance Program

Brinok launches new tool mizzbox, OPI in and out

# For the better revenue generation we will make it better for the sales focus and the maintain sales team.




We are having the best portal tieup's and reparting technic stategy methods.

# Brinok will be the main part of the sales focus and the team of lead generation.


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